Saman Restaurant, Market and Sangak Bakery

A Persian bakery has opened at the back of Little Saigon Mall. Fresh bread or “sangak”  is baked fresh daily in large clay-fired ovens.  The store is your door into Persian cooking and culture! Known as a fertile oasis, Iran is home to pistachios, walnuts, almonds, saffron, mint, oranges, roses, pomegranates and grapes. The cuisine incorporates many of these ingredients in their dishes.  Expect a herb and fruit rich cuisine that will transport you to the beautiful country of Iran.

Some of the menu items include kabab, dizzi – a fragrant tasty lamb soup, haleem- poultry

Open from 6am – 5pm; closed on Mondays. Lunch is served on weekdays, breakfast served on Saturday and Sundays. Call ahead for reservations and for weekend specials too!  Music on Saturdays.

Saman Bakery

#201 4909 17 Ave SE

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