East Town Get Down

Taking place on a six-block length of 17th Ave SE, and featuring intimate, convivial venues, unique food and drink, and a range of Calgary performers to suit all musical tastes, East Town Get Down shakes up the festival landscape in Calgary, kicking off the summer season with an international flare. Coming to you Saturday, May 28th, 2022



Well, music lovers......here it is, Saturday. May 28th, 2022.   Covid-19 still has a bit of a grip on our social lives.  Recognizing that the pandemic situation remains fluid and things change everyday, we still have hope we will be able to bring you some great live music in Spring of 2022.  Our Team are building a great line up of independant music for you to enjoy. So keep your eyes on our website, in addition to the East Town Get Down website, for all the details.

We look forward to getting together with you and listening to some great live music in 2022!!


Stay well!