International Avenue is committed to a sustainable future for our environment. Check out some of the initiatives we have led to improve sustainability in our community!

A. International Avenue Green Program Logo
Shop Local

Socially, economically, and environmentally - shopping local matters. Small and local businesses support local people financially, reduce income inequality, and cause local re-investment. Local businesses give areas uniqueness and create sense of place. And, shopping nearby reduces your travel distance, saving energy and time. So look no further than 17 Ave SE.

Building Design

Future development plans for the Avenue will incorporate many sustainable building practices. International Avenue BRZ was proud to be a part of the community orchard programme and supports REAP (Respect the Earth and All People).

Check out the sustainable building designs in the approved SE17 Urban Design plan.

SE17 Avenue Corridor Plan

Look for another exciting sustainable initiative coming soon!


All BRZ events use compostable plates, cutlery and cups. At our recent Best of the East Stampede Breakfast we diverted 178 lbs of garbage from the landfill alone.

Cigarette Recycling

International Avenue was the very first BRZ in Calgary to implement the collection and recycling of cigarette butts! We are proud to be leading the way on this initiative.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

International Avenue has lots to offer if you are looking to lower your carbon footprint. Consider shopping at one of the many reused/upcycled item shops:

  1. Sector Computers – 3450 17 Avenue SE
  2. Jayson’s Corner – 3714 17 Avenue SE
  3. Value Appliances – 1721 36 Street SE
  4. Harmony Lane Music – 5701 17 Ave SE
  5. Quality Tools/Mantiques Mancave – #146, 1830 52 St SE
  6. Hong’s Tailor – 2889 17 Ave SE
  7. Video Game Trader – #4, 3456 17 Ave SE
  8. Discount Vacuum – 3712 17 Ave SE
  9. Salvation Army – 3012 17 Ave SE
  10. Cash Canada Pawn – 3233 17 Ave SE
  11. Southview Motors – 3419 17 Ave SE
  12. Level Up – 3512 17 Ave SE
  13. Chinook Auto Sales – 1739 50 Street SE
  14. Calgary Used Cars – 1827 36 St SE
  15. House of Van Gogh- #102, 5430 17 Ave SE


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