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International Avenue Public Art Project

New public art on International Avenue showcases the stories of people living and working in the Greater Forest Lawn area.  The BRZ office was proud to advocate for this much needed art for the community which resulted in public art dollars being injected into the redesign of the street. Eleven local artists, each with a connection to the area, collaborated with surrounding communities to work on 5 site-specific artworks between 26 St and Hubalta Road.  BRT murals were completed by a local individual artists showcasing the incredible talent throughout the community.  All artwork on the Max Purple BRT line is themed what International Avenue is best known for...FOOD!

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International Avenue Murals

The International Avenue BRZ launched a mural project in 2001 to celebrate the community and all it has to offer, called the International Avenue Mural Society. The project has seen and will continue to see the installation of murals along International Avenue (17 Ave. S.E.), reflecting our community’s history and cultural diversity.  The murals being located within the community to be a source of pride for local residents and visitors to the area.

Mural #1

Life in the Village of Forest Lawn

A historical painting depicting life in the village of Forest Lawn. The completed mural is 8 x 20 feet in size.

Location : 3111 – 17 Avenue SE

Artist: Eldon Walls

Year: 2001

A. Town of Forest Lawn Mural

Mural #2

Dance in the Minho

The BRZ commissioned another mural for completion in late summer of 2002. This was celebrating Calgary’s Portuguese community entitled Dance in the Minho. His completed art mural is six by 18 feet in size painted on an Alucobond panel.

Location: 3245 – 17 Avenue S.E.

Artist: Martinho Correia

Year: 2002

A. Dance in the Minho Mural

Mural #3

Tet Flower Fair

This 8 x 20′ mural celebrates the Vietnamese community in Calgary. The art piece illustrates the hustle and bustle of a flower market in Vietnam before the new year.

Location: 2889 – 17 Avenue S.E.

Artist: Thang Quinn Quoc Do

Year: 2004

A. Tet Flower Fair Mural

Mural #4

Rhythms of the Caribbean

This piece celebrates the Caribbean community. The 8 x 20′ beautiful art piece is available for viewing on the ATB Financial building located at 3620 17 Avenue SE. Special thanks to the Community Standards Fund and the City of Calgary

Location: 3620 17 Avenue S.E.

Artist: Carol Nelson-Melesko

Year: 2005

A. Rhythms of the Caribbean Mural

Mural #5

An Allegory of Peace in Our Time

This piece celebrates the hope for peace among all nations, races and religions. The 8 x 16′ work incorporates a recurring figure of Peace… a winged figure holding an olive branch. People representing Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Europe and Africa are portrayed against the Calgary skyline and amongst other symbols of peace and harmony including pomegranates, doves, roses and hummingbirds. The mural can be viewed on the west side of the International Avenue Properties building at 4015 – 17 Ave SE. Special thanks to the International Avenue merchants, the Alberta Lotteries Fund, Community & Neighbourhood Services East Calgary office, and Top made Plastics and Neon Signs.

Location: 4015 – 17 Ave SE.

Artist: Martinho Correia

Year: 2009

An Allegory of Peace in our Time Mural

Mural #6

Dance at the Ishtar Gate

This piece is dedicated to the Arabic Community. Artist Iman consulted with Calgary’s Arab community to determine the best subject matter for the painting. Dance at the Ishtar Gate features the Babylonian Ishtar Gate, constructed in 546BC and is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world. The symbolic painting features many important cultural artifacts and various dancers in ethnic garb, representing various Arabic countries. In keeping with the theme of celebration, the dance portrayed is the dabka – an arabic folk dance – popular in several countries including Iraq, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. The dabka is widely performed at weddings and joyous occasions. The 12’ x 16’ mural is painted on an alcobond panel and will be permanently mounted on the side of 4835 – 17 Avenue SE (on the back of OK Tire centre). Special thanks to the Community Initiatives Program- Alberta Government, Dr. Giad, Dr. Ismael and Family and Dr. Karim and Family for their donations to the project.

Location: 4835 17 Avenue S.E.

Artist: Iman Omar Al-Bustani

Year: 2011

A. Dance at the Mishtar Gate Mural

Mural #7

Dances and the Lessons from Mother Earth

This piece is dedicated to the peoples of Treaty 7 including the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Ĩyãħé Nakoda, Tsuu T’ina and the Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3. This piece was created by Métis artist Raymond Lambert, with consultation from other indigenous community members, to celebrate First Nations and Métis culture.

Location: 5328 17 Avenue SE

Artist: Raymond Lambert

Year: 2012

A. Dances and Lessons from Mother Earth Mural

Mural #8:

Bandierai degli Uffizi (Flagwavers of the Uffizi)

Artist Martinho Correia unveiled his Italian-inspired mural in May 2015. This mural was made possible by the support from International Avenue Mural Society, International Avenue BRZ, Calgary Arts Development, 12CSI, ATB Financial – Forest Lawn, The Italian Cultural Club of Calgary, EMCOR Development Corp. and Spolumbo’s. The mural was mounted in early February 2016 and it is located on the west side of the Far East Foods building.

Location: 26 Street SE (Behind Far East Foods)

Artist: Martinho Correia

Year: 2015

A. Flag Wavers of the Uffizi Mural

Mural #9


Sisay Shimeles’  four-metre by five-metre mural celebrates the City of Calgary’s east African community. His work reflects a symmetry that exists between Ethiopia, where he was born, with countries like Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and Kenya.  This mural was sponsored by: Boardwalk Equities and the BRZ

Location: 36 Street SE – On the East Side of the CIBC Bank Building

Artist: Sisay Shimeles

Year: 2015

A. Celebration Mural

Mural #10

Meet Me in the Park

The 10th International Avenue mural is dedicated to the Greater Forest Lawn community. “This community has seen generations upon generations of kids connecting at the skating rink. Along with the other murals on International Avenue it’s another celebration of our heritage and a reminder of the great community that we live and work in – a community where everyone is welcome.”  Sponsored by Tim Hortons

Artist: Lyse Deselliers

Year: 2017

Location:  4750 17 Avenue SE – On the South Side of the Tim Hortons Building

A. Tim Horton's Hockey Meet me in the Park Mural

Mural #11


Installed in 2018, this 8′ x 12′ mural is a creation of artist Elsie Stein (1931-2019).  Elsie came to Calgary in the 1970’s to attend ACAD and, shortly after graduating, married and moved to Okotoks where she raised her family and spent her time painting.  Elsie, who was resident of Dover when she passed, was generous enough to allow us to place her work on display. When you pass this mural, think of Elsie.


Location:  4520 17 Avenue SE – East side of the building

Artist:  Elsie Stein

Year: 2018

A. Peace Mural by Elsie Stein

Community Arts Organizations

Antyx Community Arts

Antyx is a community arts company that uses the arts and community development processes to create opportunities for youth to become more engaged in their community and experience increased community connection.

A. Antyx Community Arts

International Avenue Arts and Culture Centre

International Avenue Arts & Culture Centre (IAACC) was founded in 2001. IAACC is a not for profit charitable organization with a long-term goal to advocate for the City to built a state of the art performance facility for the betterment of Greater Forest Lawn (GFL). IAACC is designed to support artist led projects, to aide in the promotion of the arts and assist local artists (or those connected to GFL) with opportunities within the arts.  They created the Calgary Multicultural Youth Orchestra and funded it for ten years.  Now it is an independent orchestra which is self sustainably focused.

A. Young String Players - Music