Unity Park

3111 17 Ave SE

Photos 2 & 4 by local area resident Ramona Mills

An illustration of our beautiful Unity Park on International Avenue, 3111 17 Ave SE, Calgary
By Dimitri Giannoulis

                "A setting for events and convivial public life"

The living green wall at Unity Park, growing hops.

Unity Park is owned and operated by the BRZ.  We helped design the park and we maintain it year-round. In 2019, community volunteers helped 'Plant the Park' to bring it to life with vegetation. The space acts as our community square - a setting for events and convivial public life. Activating the space with markets, musical events, and more, it is the prime urban space in central-east Calgary.

Singing Clock | Spouting Fountain | Programmed LEDs | Bike Racks | Green Wall | Display Case | Benches | Gardens | Planters | Paved and Unpaved Spaces | Public Art | Power Outlets | Adjacent Free Public Parking

The Venue of Your Next Special Event?

Unity Park is available to be rented for special events. We offer cleaning services, power, and a simple booking process to ensure your event is a success. Also inquire about opportunities to promote your event (on our display case at the park) and inquire about the potential contracting of our ambassadors to ensure your event runs happily and smoothly.

  • Community events
  • Flea markets
  • Cultural / dance performances
  • Outdoor concerts
  • More

Questions and submissions:

Please email [email protected] (Alison) or [email protected] (Celeste).

A table to help calculate the cost of your event space rental in Unity Park on International Avenue

A Look Back at 'Plant the Park' - Thanks Volunteers! 

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