Journey to Freedom Park

A Video of the Official Groundbreaking

 Journey To Freedom Park

Letter from the Committee

A heartfelt letter about the vision behind the park, and the steps we will have to take together to realize that dream.

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Letter from the Committee (PDF)

nhấn vào đây để tai (PDF)

Sponsorship and Donation Form

Journey to Freedom Park will not be paid for by tax dollars, it will be paid for by our collective will to sponsor and donate. Please contribute what you can, your donation is critical to ensuring this story can be told.

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Sponsorship/Donation Form (PDF)

nhấn vào đây để tai (PDF)

Learn More About Journey To Freedom Park

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Enjoy this video by the Calgary Vietnamese Community Association!




A quick introduction to the park, and how to support it. Compiled by the Calgary Vietnamese Community Association.

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brochure (PDF)

nhấn vào đây để tai (PDF)

Info Package

Compiled in August 2020, includes:
- Background information
- Site Plans
- Our Public Survey Summary
- A Viewshed Analysis
- Monument Artist Info

Click to download the info package (PDF)

Compiled by the International Avenue BRZ in partnership with the Calgary Vietnamese Community Association. This package does not include information about how to sponsor the park, see other materials.