ArtBOX on 17E -virtual


Seeing the high concentration of artists living in the Greater Forest Lawn area, and the lack of useful space, International Avenue applied for and received funding from Calgary Arts Development to launch ArtBOX. Located at 1807 42 St SE, the ArtBOX project increased arts activity in Greater Forest Lawn (GFL) and provided support for artists living and/or working in GFL with large affordable work/exhibition/presentation space.

Over the span of its life ArtBOX ended up serving a huge variety of community event space needs, hosting all manner of events from the originally conceived gallery space, to markets to movie nights to AGM meetings and cat spaying events!

The general usefulness to the community that was discovered through ArtBOX, and further research into the number of entrepreneurs in Greater Forest Lawn, helped berth our current emergeHUB project.

While no longer physically rooted, ArtBOX on 17E has survived and is now a collective of local artists who continue to hold functions and exhibits throughout the area.  Contact Ann at 403-252-6795 for more info about upcoming events and how you can get involved.